Have you ever felt that you had more to offer to the world, but were at a loss as to how to share your special talents?

Adventure Science is a non-profit** organization that was founded in 2008 by accomplished endurance athlete Dr. Simon Donato as a way to give back to the planet in a uniquely meaningful way, which combined his love of athletics, adventure, and scientific exploration. Having spent a decade travelling the planet as an elite adventure racer, which he doggedly pursued to the detriment of a balanced life, he came to view this drive to compete as a selfish indulgence which left him feeling alone, empty, and wanting for a greater purpose in life. Though still an avid racer, he has now shifted his focus to using this fitness and technical skill set to advance areas of science, conservation, the environment, and humanitarian causes. Adventure Science projects pair super fit adventure athletes with researchers and subject-matter experts, taking them into some of the most remote and hard to reach places on our planet to conduct scientific, environmental, humanitarian, and conservation focused projects. Our goal is to always move quickly, travel lightly, leave the smallest carbon and ecological footprint possible, and to conduct meaningful scientific exploration in a fun and educational way. 

Adventure Science is about getting outside, exploring the world, and understanding nature in a meaningful, scientific and physically challenging way. Our Adventure Science athletes explore the planet in a low impact manner, using non-motorized means when possible to make new discoveries. The concept of adventure science was developed to let us do more with our fitness, and innate curiosity to explore and understand nature's mysteries. With the recent addition of Simon’s Long Trek Ranch training centre in beautiful Sheenboro Quebec, Adventure Science is more able than ever to teach and develop Adventure Science athletes to continue meaningful exploration, adventure, and research for decades to come.

**Adventure Science™ Inc. is a federally registered non-profit organization in Canada and a 501(c) non-profit in the United States.

Adventure Science was established in 2008.