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Beyond Roads

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Some may think that the age of exploration is over...maybe you just have to know where to look.

Beyond Roads follows Dr. Simon Donato and his team of Adventure Science athletes as he and longtime friend Jim Mandelli return to the remote and forbidding Musandam Peninsula of Oman in an effort to find undiscovered archaeological sites and complete the difficult 100 km traverse once and for all - having been rebuffed on their two previous expeditions. Starting their expedition at the northernmost tip of Oman, the team has 10 days to travel the wild and unexplored mountainous spine of the Peninsula as they make their way back to civilization in the town of Khasab. Oman is a desert nation containing vast sand seas, rugged coastlines teeming with aquatic life, and a wild and unexplored mountainous hinterland. It is also a country with a rich culture rooted in antiquity. Isolated, rugged, desolate, and beautiful, this often misunderstood corner of the world still offers vast stretches of terrain that have seldom, if ever been explored by anyone but the locals who settled in the region generations ago.


40 Winters follows adventurer Simon Donato, professional obstacle course racer Ryan Atkins and ultra-runner Adam Campbell as they attempt to traverse the 11 peaks of the iconic Mt. Rundle ridge in a single day. Facing snow, ice, and quickly changing early spring conditions, the trio set out along the iconic Rundle ridge between Canmore and Banff to try and post a fastest known time for the traverse in winter conditions.

With interviews from mountain legends such as Chic Scott, Charlie Locke, Will Gadd and Jack Firth, 40 Winters examines what it means to live and play in the mountains, have adventures, and most importantly come home safely.

Epilogue: We are excited to share that 40 Winters has nearly completed its world tour of film festivals, and has been selected as best in show at the 2017 Ottawa Adventure Film Festival and best Alberta documentary at the Edmonton International Film Festival. We will make the film available online here once it's festival tour is complete. Thank you to all who have watched it. 


In the third season of BOUNDLESS, newcomers Rory Bosio and Hunter McIntyre join Simon Donato and Paul “Turbo” Trebilcock as they trek across seven countries and three continents competing against each other, in pairs or as a group in extreme endurance races. Pushing their minds and bodies to the limits, the squad races against stunning backdrops of exotic locales that are enticing to the senses but camouflage the demands of the arduous terrain. From running, biking, skiing, swimming and climbing, their love for the rush coupled with their undeniable stamina makes it a wild ride with a few cuts and bruised egos along the way. Will the pure passion for the sport take them across the finish line or will they tap out when their minds can’t push their bodies any further?

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