The Adventure Science Basecamp

Long Trek Ranch - the Ultimate Adventure Science Training Centre

Spanning 1,000 acres of pristine wilderness in Sheenboro, Quebec, Long Trek Ranch is the ultimate adventure destination. This gem in the wilderness boasts endless trails, lakes, soaring cliffs, and unlimited adventure options. It is also 10 minutes from the world famous Ottawa River (which is also the location of Adventure Science’s annual Swimrun race - the Amphibious Challenge) and 1:45 west of Ottawa. 

Building on the success from our elite training camps run in partnership with Merrell in 2016, Adventure Science will be running endurance sport training camps in 2017, focusing on ultra running, swimrun, and obstacle course racing, as well as intensive prep-camps to teach the Adventure Science fundamentals to give Adventure Science athletes the skill set needed to participate in upcoming projects and expeditions. The Adventure Science fundamentals camp is a great way to learn the intellectual, practical, and technical skills required to participate safely and successfully in our human powered expeditions in remote and rugged regions. Our team of experts will teach you these and other fundamental skills to help you flourish as an Adventure Science athlete, creating an invaluable skill set necessary to help you excel on our expeditions. We wholeheartedly believe that your experience in our camps will transcend all areas of your life and change the lens with which you view the world around you.

All training camps and courses are led by qualified instructions with years of experience under their belts. Our camps cater to small groups of eight or less. 2017 course dates coming soon.

Merrell athlete Jason Antin at Long Trek Ranch Training Camp about to get wet at night to simulate the dreaded Black Ops in preparations for the 2016 World's Toughest Mudder in Las Vegas.

Jason Antin enjoying an evening jog at Long Trek Ranch in Sheenboro Quebec to prepare for his WTM 2016 race.
Jason getting stoked for Black Ops in his WTM 2016 training at Long Trek Ranch
Jason Antin continues his WTM 2016 training at Long Trek Ranch - the Adventure Science training centre located in Sheenboro Quebec.
Merrell athlete Jason Antin is here at Long Trek Ranch to train for WTM 2016 under the coaching of experienced ultra endurance athlete and WTM finisher Simon Donato. The toughest part of WTM is getting wet - repeatedly and the only way to break the mental barrier is to train it!