We're very excited to officially release our award winning short film '40 Winters'! https://youtu.be/49OVdOf7aqc

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More about 40 Winters:

WINNER - Best In Show - Ottawa Adventure Film Festival
WINNER - Best Alberta Short Doc - Edmonton International Film Festival
WINNER - Grand Prize - Backpacking Light Film Festival

40 Winters follows adventurer Simon Donato, professional obstacle course racer Ryan Atkins and ultra-runner Adam Campbell as they attempt to traverse the 11 peaks of the iconic Mt. Rundle ridge in a single day. Facing snow, ice, and quickly changing early spring conditions, the trio set out along the iconic Rundle ridge between Canmore and Banff, Canada, to try and post a fastest known time for the traverse in winter conditions. With interviews from mountain legends such as Chic Scott, Charlie Locke, Will Gadd and Jack Firth, 40 Winters takes a cinematic look what it means to live and play in the mountains, have adventures, and most importantly come home safely.

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