Make sure to check the The Search for Lt. Steeves' Missing Jet Blog for full account of the search.


Adventure Science has developed a reputation for it’s ability to combine the talents of scientists and adventure athletes in a wide variety of expeditions, but especially in cold-case searches for missing people and aircraft. This June, Dr. Simon Donato and the Adventure Science team will be returning to the high Sierra Nevada mountains to continue the search for the infamous Lt. Steeves' missing USAF Lockheed T-33 Jet. Missing since 1957, this incredible tale of survival saw Lt. David Steeves, a young pilot, rise to national fame overnight after enduring nearly two winter months in the high Sierras after ejecting from his crippled jet during a routine mission. Initially lauded as an American hero, questions regarding the truth of his account ultimately damaged his reputation beyond repair. He was discharged from the military, his family life crumbled, and he was branded a liar by the media. Following his accidental death in 1965, his story was forgotten until a troop of boy scouts discovered the canopy of his jet in the high Sierras of California, thus verifying his story. While his name was posthumously cleared, the larger mystery of the missing jet still remains. The team of athletes and searchers will descend on the high Sierra’s to scour the rough, and rugged terrain for any sign of this infamous jet, in hopes of putting this mystery to rest once and for all.

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