The Ghosts of Tobermory Team


Simon Donato, 39

Occupation: Adventure Science Founder / Geologist

Athletics: Elite Adventure Racer, Expert Cyclist, Expert Runner

Other: PhD, Explorer's Club, Kensington Tours, host of 'Boundless' television series

Adventure Science: The Fossett Files, Search for Steve Fossett, Search for N2700Q, BLAZE: The Niagara Escarpment Race, Canadian Death Race, The Search for Lt. Steeves' missing jet, Beyond Roads: The Musandam Oman Expedition, Caves of Montana, 100 Miles of Wild

Jeff MacInnis, 52

Occupation: Business Race Coach

Athletics: Elite Cyclist, Elite Adventure Racer

Other: Father of Three Boys, Canadian Alpine Ski Team, Eco Challenge, Northwest Passage, Overland Challenge, Blaze

Chanelle Mayer, 24

Occupation: Energy Consultant

Athletics: Trail Running, Cycling, Free Diving, Sky Diving

Other: MPA Environmental Science, Wild Dolphin Project, Arctic Climate Network Protection Team, Project Gazelle/Kenya

Luis Moreira, 38

Occupation: Photographer

Athletics: Numerous International Adventure Races, The Fossett Files Expedition

Other: Numerous International Adventure Races, The Fossett Files Expedition

Tricia Gadsden, 39

Occupation: Marketing Director, Lecturer

Athletics: Elite Stand Up Paddle Board Racer, Expert Cyclist (Road)

Other: MA Behavioural Sciences, Philanthropist, Published Author