Dr. Gino Caspari is a Swiss archaeologist and explorer, with a current archaeological focus in the remote steppes of Southern Siberia. He is a Fellow of the Explorers Club, a Fulbright alumnus, and Columbia University graduate who focuses on the discovery and analysis of ancient landscapes, graves, and ruins. As a year-long grantee of the Swiss National Science Foundation, he has recently led an expedition into Southern Siberia where he documented the oldest royal Scythian tomb together with colleagues of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Hermitage Museum. He is currently co-producing the documentary "Frozen Corpses Golden Treasures" with the aim of making archaeological exploration and discovery accessible to a broader audience and raising awareness of the destruction of cultural heritage caused by looting and illegal art trade. Gino was named New Explorer of the Year in 2018 by the Explorers Club, and participated in the third Adventure Science “Beyond Roads” expedition to Oman, documenting ancient agricultural sites in the highlands and creating 3D models.