Matthias Breiter is an internationally renowned author, Emmy nominated cinematographer and wildlife photographer. He has spent most of the last 30 years studying bears and is considered one of the greatest authorities on bears. Holding an advanced degree in biology, he is presently completing his doctorate on brown bears in Alaska. The author of nearly twenty books, he has appeared as a guest lecturer at the Smithsonian Institution. Matthias Breiter’s award-winning nature photographs have appeared in National Geographic, GEO, BBC Wildlife, Terre Sauvage and numerous other publications worldwide. He is a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society and a fellow of the prestigious Explorer’s Club, both in recognition of his contribution to our scientific knowledge of bears and the Arctic. Matthias is also a founding member of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP), and remains deeply involved with conservation efforts involving the American and Canadian Arctic and Subarctic. He resides in Kenora ON when he’s not walking with bears.