Kenya - The Aberdares Conservation Project



While most Adventure Science projects produce a report, or academic findings, due to the sensitive nature of this project and the safety concerns involved for both the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) rangers and the Adventure Science team members, we are keeping the specific details of the project secret for now. 

We can however, share the following: Over the course of one week, in partnership with members of KWS and Flying Kites Global, this Merrell sponsored project was able to deploy 15 motion sensing camera traps in high-risk and high-traffic areas, with the goal of monitoring for illegal activities centred around poaching (including bushmeat), and the illegal harvest of lumber and firewood.We also trained 20 KWS rangers on the usage and maintenance of these devices. This is phase one ina pilot project designed to provide additional tools for the rangers protecting this park, as well as a deterrent for members of the community involved in these illegal activities. Since this is an ongoing project, stay tuned for updates, images, and hopefully some success stories for these cameras. Thank you to the team members: Chanelle Mayer, Jim Mandelli, Mike Chambers (Flying Kites), Simon Donato, and our Kenyan partners, and to Merrell for supporting this project. 


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