• Marshall Islands


Info: There is no ecosystem more vulnerable to climate change than the low-lying atolls of the tropical Pacific. Rising sea levels are an existential threat to a collection of islands of unsurpassed natural beauty, to archaeological sites representing centuries of history, and most importantly to the families that have lived on these islands for generations. In summer 2017 a team of scientists and athletes will travel to the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), an archipelago of low-lying coral atolls and volcanic islands, spread across more than 750,000 square miles of the Equatorial Pacific. Traveling under human power the expedition team will circumnavigate one of the outer islands - Likiep Atoll - taking samples, recording bathymetry and using cutting edge technology (drones, pressure sensors, radiocarbon dating) to gain a better understanding of how these islands are being affected by a rising ocean. The outcome of the ProjectAtoll expedition will be a digital record of a dynamic marine system, improving our knowledge of how these atolls respond to climate change and giving us a deeper understanding of their vulnerability. 

If you are interested in applying for this expedition, please contact us.