From October 7 - 17th the Adventure Science team, in partnership with Flying Kites, the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), and Merrell will be traversing the Aberdare Mountain Range within the Aberdare National Park. This region is located in central Kenya, approximately 100 km north of Nairobi. A mountainous national park with an elevation of 2100 to 4300 metres, the park contains a number of eco-zones, including bamboo forests, rainforest, and moorlands. The park also contains a rich and diverse wildlife population including elephants, black rhinos, leopards, Cape buffalo, and the rare African golden cat and the bongo. 

As with many African parks, this region is facing pressure from an encroaching human population, and poaching has become a serious issue recently. In conjunction with KWS, the team will visit a number of hotspots to assist KWS with it’s ongoing monitoring activities in the region. This project will be occurring in areas that experience poaching further details will be posted at the conclusion of the project due to the sensitivity surrounding this serious issue. Please check back for more information at the conclusion of the project and on our Facebook page (