I founded Adventure Science because I truly believe that there is so much more to discover on Earth, and that by training athletes to be scientific observers, we leverage their ability to travel to hard to reach locations, deal with difficult conditions, and come out unscathed, and with information that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to obtain. I think in the nine years we’ve been running as an Organization, we’ve been able to prove without a doubt that this concept works.
— Simon Donato, PhD


Simon has made a name for himself in the exploration, scientific research and ultra-endurance fitness world. He's the creator and host of Boundless, a program dedicated to adventure and endurance sports currently airing on the Esquire Network. Over three seasons, Simon and long-time friend Paul Trebilcock have travelled across the globe competing in some of the toughest ultra-endurance events in the world, ranging from racing 220 km on a stand-up paddle board to running 250 km across the Sahara desert, or cross country skiing 100 miles in Greenland.

Simon founded Adventure Science in 2008, to combine endurance athletics with field science. He is a Fellow International with the Explorers Club and a member of the College of Fellows with the Royal Geographic Society of Canada. After completing an undergraduate degree in anthropology and biology, he obtained an MSc in paleontology at Western University and a PhD in geology from McMaster University 2008 during which time he founded and ran the Canadian Adventure Racing Association.